Elijah pronounced a judgment of drought upon the land because the government of Israel officially sought to replace the worship of God with the worship of Baal (1 Kings 17:1 & 18:4, 13, 18). God had found a means of escape for Elijah and led him to a place of shelter at Kerith Ravine (1 Kings 17: 3). He also provided him with water and sent him food through an unlikely source, a raven (1 Kings 17:4). When the water from the brook at Kerith Ravine dried up due to no rain, God had to provide another source of sustenance for Him.

The other source God provided for him was even more unlikely. God took him deep into enemy territory, literally. He was taken to a pagan city (1 Kings 16:31) and to a pagan destitute widow about to starve to death. The irony of it is that the Lord said that He had commanded the widow to provide for him. We do not know how this command was made; however, it was obvious that the widow was also affected by the drought. Elijah being fed by a pagan woman in the enemy’s territory may not have been the likely scenario of God’s provision, but that is our God for you! After all, the entire earth and everything in it is the Lord’s (1 Corinth. 10:26). God’s command to her was nothing but the providence of God. She was in the right place at the right time with the right circumstance (1 Kings 17:10). This entire scenario clearly shows how incomprehensible our God is!

1. God can command your enemies to be a blessing to you. I have heard of believers refusing assistance from the unsaved because they believe that God will never bless them through an unbeliever. This is wrong. However, exercise wise discretion, so that you are not complicit in other men’s sins.

2. The destitute widow yielded her heart to the word of God through Elijah over her situation. The widow heeded to the voice of Elijah and gave as she was commanded. She placed her faith in God’s word through His servant above the needs of herself and her son, and God blessed her for it. Be sensitive and obedient to the Holy Spirit when He speaks. Do not use an excuse of poverty or lack of abundance to not give for God’s work. The example of the widow shows us that giving is not meant for the so-called fortunate few. God can use your little to accomplish much.

3. This divine connection also began a process of saving faith. This woman eventually saw God’s power through Elijah when her son was brought back to life. She then believed the truth about God (1 Kings 17:17-24).

In summary, don’t miss out on God’s blessings and the ability to be a blessing to others. Father Lord, cause us to be obedient. Help us exalt Your word above our needs. Help us with giving (our substance, time and talents) to kingdom-bound needs and activities. Use us as vessels to bring people to the saving knowledge of You, in Jesus name.