The Principles of the kingdom of God (1) The Introduction
Primary Texts: Hebrews 11:1, 6
Every country has laws governing them. The laws and cultures of a nation are always different from the laws and culture of another nation. If you migrate to another nation, you must learn the language, culture, and lifestyle of the new nation for you to properly integrate. To maintain residency in the new nation, you must continually live by their rules. You don’t come into the nation and expect the new nation to adapt to your own norms.

Residency in the kingdom of God also requires you to adopt the kingdom’s lifestyle and her principles. I have heard someone say that “they asked me to come as you are but when I came in, they tried to change me from what I was. I wanted to remain me”. The kingdom of God has principles, laws and rules governing her. It is like a new country with a different set of economy; and if you must advance in the kingdom, you must abide by the kingdom’s rules.

In Jesus’ parables, he kept saying that the Kingdom of God is like this – Matt. 13, Luke 13:8, Mark 4:26, etc. It must be noted that the lifestyle and requirements of the Kingdom of God is at direct variance with the lifestyle of the world. All too often, we want to have our cake and eat it and so come short of the blessings of God. We adopt worldly principles and expect kingdom results. It does not work out that way.

In order to be productive citizens of a nation and be fully embraced by that nation, you must obey their laws! We must learn to adopt and abide by kingdom principles if we want to yield kingdom results. I pray that we obey God’s voice, so that He will be our God, and we will be His people. I pray we walk in all of His ways as He has commanded, so that it will be well with us, in JESUS’ name.