There will always be a Goliath out there! Everyone, at different times, encounter different variations of a Goliath. A “Goliath” is any stubborn problem that persists. It may keep coming back or just refuses to go away. Some variations of a Goliath could be:
a. A bad habit in your life
b. A spouse, child, or family member that does not know the Lord and whose life is spiraling out of control
c. A continued state of joblessness, underemployment, or stagnation in your present job
d. A health problem for which you have done all you can with no abatement
e. The loss of a loved one and the inability to continue to live a purposeful life
Many a time, such problems seem like there are no solutions in sight! The good news is stubborn problems can be defeated. Yes… there is hope! It doesn’t matter how long you have had that problem in your life, the Word of God offers hope!! Do not resign yourself to the fate of your problem. He and His word never fails. He remains the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow. He is “The Unchangeable Changer” and He doesn’t discriminate.
The reality is that stubborn problems don’t just go away, but be encouraged. Stand strong and keep the faith! There are keys to the victory you desire. However, they don’t come on a platter of gold. There are things that the Lord expects to you do when we are faced with stubborn problems.
Let us look at the story of David and Goliath and how David was able to overcome Goliath.
Keys to Dealing with Stubborn Problems
1. Look beyond the problem and recognize the power of God (1 Sam. 17: 32-37). You are not denying that the problem does exist… you only look at it for what it is – a Goliath. Understand that God is bigger than any of your situations no matter how big they are. Don’t focus on the greatness of the problem, focus on the greatness of your God.
2. Recognize also that the battle is not yours but the Lord’s (1 Sam 17:45-47). You are not alone so quit acting like all hope is lost. The Lord hears and thinks of you. You are never alone so quit acting like all hope is lost. Consider the victory won (in faith) even when you do not yet see it (1 Sam. 17: 46).
Even when you are afraid (which by the way, is not wrong) remember you are never alone. Continue to seek God’s face on the issue (2 Kings 7:14). Jehoshaphat faced a similar crisis when his enemies besieged him (2 Chron. 20:5-12). He was afraid but he turned over the battle to God (I Sam. 17: 15).
3. Learn to plead your case with God. You do this by knowing God’s blessings and promises over your life and articulate them back (in prayers) to your Father in heaven.
4. Refuse to be intimidated by the enemy’s weapon of fear (1 Sam. 17:11, 44, Isa. 37:9-13). The fear can be a self-fulfilling prophecy, turning away your eyes from God and giving the enemy leverage to attack. (Also see Job 3:25).
5. Have a game plan. David’s goal from the beginning was to kill Goliath and honor God in it. He was also jealous for God’s glory (1 Sam. 17:46. You have to plan strategically (Prov. 24:6) in order to overcome your Goliath .
6. Be ever ready in your walk with God to face your stubborn problems. Some have no experience with God like David (I Sam 17:37). They have no time for prayer or fasting or any spiritual exercise that is able to give them a kind of intimacy with God, yet in moments of crisis, they want to wear a garment (no matter how spiritual) that they are not used to (1 Sam 17: 38-39).
The secret to slaying the Goliath in your life is to have a continuous experience with God, David had experienced God’s power and might. He had already established the faithfulness of God and could count on Him. Experiencing God entails fellowships with Him by praying daily and fasting regularly, and studying the word daily. Also, as the Lord redeems you of your smaller battles, recognize and acknowledge them by establishing a catalog of God’s victories in your life. Don’t forget to thank Him. This will build your faith for future battles.
In Summary: You can slay the “Goliaths” in your life. The only way is by building a steadfast relationship with God and experiencing His power and might. I pray that we experience God personally causing every Goliath in your life to experience the power and might of the Almighty God, in JESUS’ name!!!!